Sore throat

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Recurrent sore throats are not only due to tonsillitis (see FAQ on tonsillitis). Recurrent infections, called pharyngitis, are especially common in young children who get them from their peers at playschool. They usually present with sore throat and low-grade fever and the throat is red on looking in. In more severe infections (usually bacterial) the neck glands are enlarged and tender, and sometimes pain is referred to the ears.

Adults with recurrent sore throats are frequently mouth breathers-their noses would be chronically blocked for some reason (usually nasal allergy or a deviated nasal septum) and dryness of the mouth leads to lack of protection and pharyngitis. Mouth breathers often have dental caries, mouth ulcers and bad breath (halitosis). They may also snore.


Acid reflux is another cause of recurrent sore throat. Smokers are known to have a predisposition for recurrent sore throats.

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