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European Rhinologic Society meeting London April 2018. Panel on facial pain (left to right): Dr Peter Lohuis (Netherlands), Dr Michael Setzen (New York), Dr Giorgio Lambru (London), Dr Adrian Agius (Malta, Chairman).

Panel on Facial Pain speaking at American Academy of Otolaryngology, Dallas, 29 Sep 2015. With (from L to R) Dr Malcolm B Taw (UCLA), Dr Adrian M Agius (Malta), Prof James Y Suen (Little Rock, Arkansas), Prof Marilene B Wang (UCLA) and Dr Chau T Nguyen (Ventura, California)


Round table symposium on facial pain at the European Rhinologic Society, Amsterdam, June 2014. With from left, Nicholas Busaba (USA), Chau Nguyen (USA), Martyn Barnes (UK), and Michael Setzen (USA).

Facial pain round table at European Rhinologic society Stockholm, 3-7 July 2016, with (from left) Dr Michael Karlberg (Lund, Sweden), Professor David W Kennedy (Pennsylvania, USA), Dr Adrian Agius (Malta), Prof Y Kurono (Japan), Dr Michael Setzen (New York, USA).